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Landlord Tenant Law

If you own a rental property, you know anything can happen – tenants can cause damage, neighbors can report criminal activity. If you’re a tenant, you know that there are some shady landlords out there. Parties in both roles need knowledgeable legal guidance.

That’s where Example Company Law comes in. We have experience in disputes between landlords and tenants. Our team understands the real estate laws and regulations in Florida and around the Tampa area. We can help you navigate your rights and legal solutions.

Your situation is unique. But we have expertise managing a variety of landlord/tenant disputes. These include:

  • Unpaid rent and debt recovery
  • Evictions
  • Criminal activity, including drug distribution and manufacture
  • False claims, like damage and uninhabitability

Make sure you have expert legal guidance in your landlord/tenant dispute. Request your free consultation with Example Company Law today.

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